Century of Progress International Exposition
Chicago World's Fair, Chicago, Illinois, 1933-1934

Official Poster for the Century of Progress International Exposition, designed by George B. Petty.

Crowds around the Infant Incubator building on the Midway. Martin Couney's exhibit was located near a show by the notorious fan dancer, Sally Rand. Julius Hess, a famous Chicago pediatrician, loaned Couney his head nurse (Evelyn Lundeen) for the duration of the Exposition.

The Exposition was located on the shore of Lake Michigan, immediately south of Chicago's downtown area. Today, Meigs Field and McCormick Place occupy this site. The location of the Infant Incubator building is indicated in red.

In 1934, Martin Couney organized a reunion of babies that had "graduated" from the incubator exhibit in 1933. One of the letters is shown below.

Martin Couney

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